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This list is a sample of the types of craft supplies that we carry. If there is a shellcraft item you need but it is not listed, feel free to ask about the item. We have tried to list the most asked for items.

THE SHELL STORE also specialized in helping the shell craft hobbyist. We make most of our own novelties, so therefore, we carry most of the supplies necessary for shell crafting. If you need guidance and materials for a project we are always willing to help.

SS= Surgical Steel
MOP= Mother of Pearl

 You don't have to use it if you are more comfortable with filling out the order form and faxing it you still are able to do so. We will also still take your order over the phone. Please have the id numbers and if there are extra letters or numbers after the 3 digit number I will need those to verify which size and price you want. Those of you wanting to use the shopping cart will just need to hit the corresponding price button such as this one. These will take you to the shopping cart and from there you can edit the quantity, proceed to checkout or continue shopping. Each time you edit the quantity on the shopping cart you will need to hit the "update cart" button. If you hit the same button on the webpage more than once it will add to the quantity of the same item. If you want to continue shopping you just need to hit the "continue shopping" button. This cart is set up through Paypal but you do not have to be a paypal customer. We will now be able to accept more choices through this shopping cart system. On the shopping cart after you hit the "proceed to checkout" button it will give you the chance to enter you paypal information if you want to. For those customers wishing to pay with a credit card please hit the continue button in the lower left hand corner where the credit cards are and there you can enter you payment information. If you have any questions please call us 727-360-0586. We will be adding other sections to the shopping cart system.

If you don't want to use the shopping cart we ask you to print the order form, fill it out and fax the order to our store. All prices are correct at the time they are posted. However prices can change and you will be notified if any price changes are made to your order.


Prices: All prices are correct at the time of posting. However prices can change and such change will be reflected on your invoice with your approval.

First Orders: All customers ordering for the first time and not paying with order will be sent an invoice detailing merchandise and shipping charges. When payment is received, merchandise will be shipped. You may request total cost by e-mail, but remember to supply e-mail address.

Shipping Policy: All shipments will be carefully inspected and packed before leaving our store. They will be shipped by the best carrier possible(UPS, USPS, etc). Responsibility for its safe delivery is assumed by the carrier at the time of pickup. Shipping rates are for the U.S. only, other countries will be sent an email for the additional shipping. Please unpack carefully. Keep original packing if there is damage. Report any damages to the carrier immediately. It is your responsibility to file claim for damaged merchandise. We cannot file claims, we can only verify.


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