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updated 12/21/23

ID# Description Size Price Qty-Price
12702 Hat, Top 19mm Brim Black
12703 Hat, Top 24mm Brim Black
12704 Hat, Top 28mm Brim Black
W1189 Head, Wooden 16 mm
W1188 Head, Wooden 18 mm  
W1171 Head, Wooden 20 mm  
6422 Head, Wooden 22 mm  
1610-11 Mini, Golf Club 3"
23111 Mini, Tennis Racket 3"
WE48 Leaves, Three Petal Rose 1 1/2" x 2" Green Silk
WE49 Leaves, Three Petal Rose Out of stock 2" x 2 1/2" Green Silk 12/2.20 72/11.98


ID# Description Size Price

The following mirrors with frames are not sold as mirrors only. The glass is rectangle or square
Large sizes are sold at a minimum of 2

301mirror Mirror with Frame, Heart 10"
320mirror Mirror with Frame, Heart Large 15 "
302mirror Mirror with Frame, Mini Heart 6 "
303mirror Mirror with Frame, Mini Oval 9 1/2 "
304mirror Mirror with Frame, Mini Round 6"
316mirror Mirror with Frame, Mini Square 6"
306mirror Mirror with Frame, Oval Lg minimum order 2 large mirrors 20 "
307mirror Mirror with Frame, Oval Med 16 "
308mirror Mirror with Frame, Oval Racetrack 12 "
309mirror Mirror with Frame, Oval Sm 13 1/2 "
312mirror Mirror with Frame, Round, Lg minimum order 2 large mirrors 16 "
314mirror Mirror with Frame, Round Med 13 "
311mirror Mirror with Frame, Round Sm 10 "
315mirror Mirror with Frame, Square Sm 10 "

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