Poinsettia Star Ornament
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Supplies needed:
(left to right, top to bottom)

1. Center Cut Canarium(628)page 11
2. Gar Scales (dyed)
page 13
3. Bell Cap, 2 prong
supplies page 1
4. Mustard Seeds, natural
supplies page 4

Also suggested:
5. Used Label Paper or other non stick surface
6. Glue Gun will be method of choice
on this project

Step 1:

1. Start with a 1" diameter glue spot on your label paper (non-stick side please).
2. Placing the tip of the shell in the center of glue and dragging outward, place each shell evenly.

Step 2:

1. Put more glue in center of star.
2. Stick 5 evenly sized green gar scales around the center, by using the dragging motion with the glue again, leaving space between each one.


Step 3:

1. Place a small amount of glue in the center again.
2. Choose 5 evenly sized red gar scales (larger size).
3. One at a time you will need to glue the scales in overlapping the previous scale.
4. The 5th scale will go over the 4th and tuck under the 1st.

TIP: The scales should look very even and should not show the starting and stopping point.


Step 4:

1. With more glue in the center if needed.
2. Glue 5 smaller evenly sized red scales the same way as you did in step 3.
TIP: The next 2 steps we use BOND 527 craft cement
supplies page 2 as the glue gun is to visible.
3. A drop of Cement in the center then place the mustard seeds evenly.
4. Glue the bell cap onto the top and it is ready to hang when dry.

Now here's more

This is to answer the many questions on how to make the nativity.
1. Heart Cockle (278) page 9
Preferably over 3" for 3 piece nativity and 4" for 7 piece nativity
2. Ring top cowries (023) page 4
Glue to flat bottom of heart cockle in a triangle pattern making sure that shell sits level
3. Excelsior
supplies page 2
Cut into small pieces and glue to bottom of cockle (flat side)
4. Nativity Scene
supplies page 3
Glue nativity scene in the desired arrangement.
5. Starfish (115)
page 11
Glue Starfish at top of cockle and paint gold if desired

Here are some ornament ideas
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