When coming to the shop, please call ahead and tell us what you need, so we can tell you when we can have the order ready for you.   Ask for Ken for most items, Ask for Bob for specimen shells. He is off Tuesday and we close on Sundays.

All pre-paid orders receive 10% discount and over  $100.00 up will receive a 15% discount  $300.00 up will receive a 20% discount on payment with money orders  checks, or  Credit card payment.  

$20.00 minimum order please....Ordering information is given at the bottom of this page. It takes about 10 days to clear personal U. S. checks.  Then the shells will be sent.  Credit card payment go out as soon as possible.

If you cannot receive e-mail please go to the order form link below to print out the order form and fax to the number on the form or mail the form.

We will mail you a pro-forma invoice with the total and send shells when payment arrives.   REMEMBER THE 10%, 15% AND 20% DISCOUNTS



w/o with Operculum
f/d Full Data
SC Self Collected
G Gem
F+ Fine Plus
F Fine
F- Fine minus

Gem, shells without visible flaws. We grade critically, so we don't indicate many gem shells.

Fine plus, Specimen is not quite Gem, but could be in the opinion of some collectors.

Fine, specimen with minor flaws which doesn't affect the appearances significantly.

F- = Fine minus, a growth scar or other major flaw.

If ordering by letter with no payment, you will receive a proforma invoice to be paid before we ship your order.

Payment can be by check, Postal Money Order, Visa or MasterCard. Don't forget the expiration date and your signature.

Overseas customers can use MasterCard, Visa, Travelers checks, Postal money orders or checks drawn on U. S. Banks.

SHIPPING  Overseas shipments will usually be sent by Global airmail or letter rate on small packages with full insurance on orders of $100.00 or more, or no insurance if the value amount is low, unless you specify otherwise.  We have to insure large orders because if packages are lost we both lose.

In the U. S. we ship UPS or US Postal Service. With UPS the first $100.00 of your order is insured. I can, and may send small inexpensive orders by first class through the Post office with no insurance. 

RETURNS will be accepted only with permission. To obtain permission you must call or fax with your reason for the return. Merchandise will be credited when returned in the same condition as when shipped. You will not receive credit for shipping to or from the destination unless you received merchandise other than you ordered. All merchandise is shipped in good condition.  If any shells are returned through no fault of ours, our shipping can be charged and taken out of your credit.  If any merchandise is damaged or missing please contact the shipper. If you have any questions please contact me at 727-360-0586 or fax 727-360-3668 

DO NOT RETURN DAMAGED SHELLS WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION. THE SHELLS ARE INSURED IN THE U.S. Please contact shipper concerning damage, and they will inform you on the procedure. On returned shells, please indicate whether you want a refund, credit or replacement.

Examine sizes closely. 25mm is approximately one inch. EACH SHELL HAS A
Order by Number and Name of shell. The list will be alphabetical by Family and species.
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