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These decorated mirror frames will make the perfect gift.  These are handmade in our store starting with the masonite base and come ready to hang. The natural  and dyed colors of the shells on every frame make for a nice addition to any room. This will be a gift that will last forever, order yours today.  The reflection has been colored in to eliminate the mirrored image.  Just click on the buy now button and order your mirror today. Colors my vary due to computer monitor colors and sizes are approximate. 
Click on any mirror to see a larger image.

Heart Mirror $10.00 each

The frames below are available at this time. I will be posting and removing as they become unavailable. If the mirror is not available at the time you purchase it you will receive a full refund.

Prices are 
Plus shipping (Florida residents will be charged 7% tax)
supplies are limited so order yours today. Please read our terms and conditions for ordering.

mirror01.jpg (75556 bytes)


mirror02.jpg (111964 bytes)


mirror03.jpg (117991 bytes)


mirror04.jpg (78343 bytes)
MIRROR #04   15.95

Mini round with macassar scallops, chula, sundial and white dove shells
approximate size 8 inches

mirror05.jpg (99743 bytes)


mirror06.jpg (71016 bytes)


mirror07.jpg (79913 bytes)
MIRROR #07  54.95

Mirror medium oval with laqueatus scallops and assorted shells mixed colors and white naticas
approximate size 18 inches h x 13 inches w

mirror08.jpg (88929 bytes)
MIRROR #08  34.95

Mirror racetrack oval with laqueatus scallops, mixed cones, cockles and dove shells
approximate size 14 inches h x 10 inches w

mirror09.jpg (124316 bytes)

MIRROR #09  38.95

Mirror racetrack oval with macassar scallops, sundials and dove shells
approximate size 15 inches h x 10 inches w

mirror10.jpg (83141 bytes)


mirror11.jpg (98898 bytes)

MIRROR #11  52.95

Mirror medium oval with laqueatus scallops, assorted orange shells and dove shells
approximate size 19 inches h x 14 inches w


mirror12.jpg (87461 bytes)

MIRROR #12  39.95

Mirror small oval with laqueatus scallops, sundials, tiger moons, dogwood clams and dove shells
approximate size 15 inches h x 12 inches w


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For instructions on making the mirrors as seen on this page please go to books and purchase "Mirrors shell crafting in the 21st Century"

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